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  • Solenoid valvesgemu-group

    All valves that are actuated with an electromagnetic actuator and used during the process are designated into the category of process solenoid valves. They are often used in dosing applications because they have ultra-fast cycle duties. Application examples. Water treatment plants, washing and

  • Cavumox Dosage & Drug Information MIMS Thailand

    Syr ES 600 Childn 3 mth to 12 yr ≤40 kg 90 mg/kg/day bid for 10 days. Inj Adult & childn >40 kg 1.2 g 8 hrly, in serious infections 4-6 hrly or 2.2 g 4-8 hrly. Surgical prophylaxis 1.2 g at induction of anesth. Childn 3 mth to 12 yr 30 or 55 mg/kg 6-8 hrly, <3 mth 30 or 55 mg/kg 12 hrly (wt <4 kg) or 8

  • DDC Defends Plan To Administer Up To 12 Doses Per Vial

     · However, one vial of the vaccine contains a total of 6.5cc. As a result, it has a surplus of 1.5cc vaccine left in the vial which an LDSS can take advantage of, said Dr Karnkawinpong. By using the approach across the entire vaccination programme, 10-20%

  • Vial Crimper at Best Price in Jiande, Zhejiang Sheng

     · With their extensive experience of supplying and trading 1.5ml Small Opening Screw-Thread Vial, Zhejiang Aijiren Technology Co., Ltd. has made a reputed name for themselves in the market with high quality 1.5ml Small Opening Screw-Thread Vial, 1.5ml Wide Opening Short Screw-Thread Vial, Sample Vials 1.5ml Wide Opening Snap-Top etc.

  • Chromatography Vials DWK Life Sciences

    Chromatography Vials. Vials, inserts, and microplates precisely made to exacting tolerances for reliable and robust automation use. Industry’s only Class 10K clean glass vials converted from Type I borosilicate glass tubing. Standard and specialty use caps and mats in multiple colors are available separately, inconvenience kits, or in bulk.

  • Multiple Automatic Dose Dispenser Mirion Technologies

    Multiple Automatic Dose Dispenser Get a Quote. Features. Automation . A rotating vial holder for loading three vials with a gas vent filter is included. Desired doses are input and the selected vial rotates to the upright position of the shielded syringe platform to introduce the syringe needle to draw the dose.

  • wholesale Nystatin, >70%(100mg/vial) CAS ,bulk

    100mg/vial Nystatin, >70%(100mg/vial) Detail. Polyene antifungal antibiotic complex containing 3 biologically active components, A1, A2, A3. Increases the permeability of the cell membrane of sensitive fungi by binding to sterols. Cell culture tested. Growth promotant. Nystatin A1 is shown.

  • Glass Vessel Chemical Reactors Batch Reactors Jacketed

    Chemglass filter reactors are designed for single and multi-step reactions and filtrations within the same glass reactor vessel. They’re also used for production and process scale peptide synthesis. Our unique, patent-pending, PTFE filter base system eliminates content transfers, significantly reducing losses.

  • Multi-port valve blocksgemu-group

    GEMÜ multi-port valve blocks. Combining functions in the smallest of spaces in one block offers even more advantages The residual volume of media in the system is reduced in a measurable way, the flow is optimized and draining is improved. This enhances the performance capability of the entire system and reduces media consumption.

  • MICROCHEM® 6000 Gas -TightModel 808GA1

    Multi-layer chemical barrier technology for Type 1 / Level A Gas-tight protection. Key Features and Benefits. Excellent chemical protection, >480 mins for 15 chemicals specified by EN 943-2 2002. Innovative fabric technology, high performance barrier laminate with

  • FunnelsGlasscolabs

    Glassco, a renowned manufacturer for its extensive range of Laboratory Equipment since 1969, achieved brand recognition for its innovations like QR Lab Glass, LIMS Compatible Glassware, and Paperless Laboratories in more than 80 countries with an endless dealer network within India in the last 50 years.

  • Monotaro Online Tool ShopBest Price and Quality

    All of the products MonotaRO offers are subject to Japanese local laws, regulations, and certification standards. Please make sure that it may or may not meet requirements of your country and/or international organizations, including but not limited to, UL Certification, China Compulsory Certificate system, and Halal.

  • SmartSite Vented Vial Access DeviceBD

    MV. SMARTSITE™ 20MM VENTED VIAL ACCESS DEVICE. 100 (50x2) MV. SMARTSITE™ 28MM VENTED VIAL ACCESS DEVICE. 100 (50x2) Texium ™ system. This product is part of our Texium TM system, an end-to-end closed system that integrates the drug preparation and delivery process. Texium system.

  • Welcome to C.E. Instruments (Thailand) Co., Ltd

    2ml Polypropylene Vial 12 x 32mm for HPLC, LC/MS-MS Specification of the bottle is 12 x 32mm, Volume 300 ul C.E. Instruments (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 68/876 Moo 8, Rattanathibet Rd, Bangkrasor, Muangnonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand Tel 0

  • AirXpress 2 Fire in Supplied Air Respirators (SCBA) MSA

    AirXpress 2 Fire. The MSA AirXpress 2 Fire is a simplistic, reliable and economical SCBA that meets the EN 137, Type II requirements for the fire service market and a variety of related applications. The AirXpress 2 Fire is rugged and reliable with customizable configurations depending on your needs. This Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

  • Dräger PSS® Lung Demand Valve (LDV)Draeger

    Suitable for the most extreme applications whenever Breathing Apparatus has to be worn with its compact and robust design, and excellent pneumatic performance, the Dräger PSS® Lung Demand Valve (LDV) will always deliver the air that you need.

  • Lead Vial Shield Mirion Technologies (Capintec), Inc.

    This Vial Shield is designed to aid in preparation of radiopharmaceuticals that require boiling. Vents are located to minimize scatter leakage, boiling water can circulate freely around the vial, heating the solution rapidly and uniformly. The carrying handle makes it easy to lower and remove the vial

  • Leading Laboratory Equipment Supplier for the Scientific

    ESAB Edge 3 Series 1.5 Bar Acetylene Regulator, Side Entry (part number ) ESAB Edge 3 Series 4 Bar Propane Regulator, Side Entry (part number )

  • (PDF) CHE504Lab Report on Distillation Column (L6

    There are two parts of experiments were conducted which were determining pressure drop in batch distillation and determining unknown concentration. With the aim of getting pressure drop of the column, the power was set up to 0.5kW, 0.75kW, 1.00kW, and 1.25kW. For every power, 100mL of sample was collected to measure the Refractive Index.


    HPLC Column, VertiSepTM BIO, Gaurd Cartidge, Gaurd Cartidge, VERTICAL CHROMATOGRAPHY,Ultra-high purity spherical silica offer excellent, stability, efficiency and column-to-column reproducibilty, Ultra-high surface area offer ultra high resolution, for gradient elution of diffculty separation, compounds, High carbon loading C18 offers the high degree of hydrophobicity, Fully

  • PUBLIC ASSESSMENT REPORT FOR BEtt (Vial presentation)

     · application forms on August 28, 2017 to the Thailand Food and Drug Administration (TFDA). At the time of submission and validation, BEtt (Vial presentation) was designated as medicinal product in the following indication For Tetanus prophylaxis, post exposure prophylaxis of Tetanus,

  • Scintillation Vials DWK Life Sciences

    Low potassium borosilicate glass conforms to ASTM guidelines to deliver optimal background counts and high UV transmission. Available in 4 to 20 mL glass or plastic vials, including optimized versions for solvent reduction.

  • Dräger PAS® ColtDraeger

    Ergonomically designed harness. The PAS Colt is a hip-mounted unit with a distinctive, sophisticated harness design which retains its form, making it easy for the wearer to don the apparatus simply and quickly. The procedure for donning the apparatus is evident at first glance, even to

  • Drug Preparation ProductsBD

    1. 2. 3. BD offers a line of drug preparation and drug reconstitution products that are designed to be both user friendly and cost effective. The SmartSite™ needle-free system allows for safe and simple access to multi-dose vial containers and IV fluid bags. The vial access device and bag spike accessories ensure maximum compliance with

  • Thailand set to start Covid-19 vaccinations Feb 14

     · The government plans to begin Thailand’s national vaccine rollout from Feb 14, starting with healthcare and front-line workers, according to the Public Health Ministry.

  • DDC justifies plan to get 2 extra doses per AstraZeneca vial

     · DDC justifies plan to get 2 extra doses per AstraZeneca vial. The Department of Disease Control in Thailand has come under fire for plans to stretch vials of AstraZeneca to get more Covid-19 vaccines out of each vial. While the official recommendation is to produce 10 vaccines out of each AstraZeneca vial, the DDC argues that there’s enough

  • Vial Labeling Machine Labelling Machinery Hindustan

    The vial labeling machine additionally incorporates the most recent detecting system for labels and numerous different items. It is along these lines viewed as the ideal machine for labeling round vials, little estimated bottles, and a few other round items which are

  • Vial Racks & FilesVialsProduct Group

    Apparatus. Joints. Jointed Flasks. Flat Flange Products. Fractionating Columns. Condensers. Stillheads & Bubblers. Stirrers. Drying Tubes. Quickfit Plus Joints. Jointedware Accessories. Kits. Adapters. Apparatus. Joints. The WHEATON ® vial racks is designed to store vial sizes from the CryoELITE

  • Valve configurationsgemu-group

    The GEMÜ W600 valve configuration is based on the use of two valve bodies that are directly welded to one another, whose arrangement is matched to the respective application. The benefits of this approach are as follows More affordable and minimal deadleg, since no T fittings are required. Minimal deadleg, since there are two fewer weld seams.

  • Multidose Vial AdaptorsAdelphi Healthcare Packaging

    Product Details. The silicone rubber valve with luer-compatible connector ensures sterility for repeat vial access and makes this adaptor ideal for vaccination purposes. These devices are also used in microbiology labs to remove small quantities of product for testing purposes whilst maintaining the integrity of the remaining product in the vial.

  • SmartSite Vented Vial Access DeviceBD

    1. 2. 3. This device partners with the Texium™ closed male Luer to provide closed-system access to drug vials. SmartSite™ needle-free valve includes Needle-free access to multiple-use vials. 0.2 micron hydrophobic air-venting filter provides Neutralization of vial pressure, minimizing aerosols and surface contamination. Eases drug extraction.

  • Activ-Vial™ Portfolio Aptar

    The Activ-Vial™ portfolio consists of one-piece, flip-top vials and bottles across a range of sizes that utilize Aptar CSP Technologies’ patented 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ technology to protect products from moisture and oxygen. It delivers unparalleled protection that ensures your product’s stability and maximizes shelf life.

  • Products Low Pressure ValvesInline Cartridge Check

    8mm Vials & Vial Kits 9mm Vials & Vial Kits 9mm Precision MSQ™ Vial Kits 10mm Vials & Vial Kits 11mm Vials & Accessories 13mm Vials & Vial Kits Snap & Seal Vials Head Space Vials EPA/VOA & Scintillation Vials Cryovials & Microtubes Vial Handling & Storage Aluminum blocks for 20mL or 40mL Scintillation Vials

  • Scintillation Vials DWK Life Sciences

    Low potassium borosilicate glass conforms to ASTM guidelines to deliver optimal background counts and high UV transmission. Available in 4 to 20 mL glass or plastic vials, including optimized versions for solvent reduction.

  • Zonal Valve Box at Best Price in Delhi, Delhi MEDILINE

     · The Zonal Valve Box are fully designed to suit multiple operational and requirement and ensure considering space for mounting. The Configurations of valve boxes are described. 4 servicesO2, N2O, Air, Vacuum (15, 15, 15, 22 mm) 3 servicesO2, Air, Vacuum (15, 15, 22 mm) 2 servicesO2, Vacuum (15, 22 mm)

  • Globe valve 514

     · The GEMÜ 514 2/2-way angle seat globe valve has a low maintenance aluminium piston actuator and is pneumatically operated. The valve spindle is sealed by a self-adjusting gland packing providing low maintenance and reliable valve spindle sealing even after a long service life. A wiper ring fitted in front of the gland packing protects the seal